This is the most important file! It contains the list of the variables and the equations. It gives you the definition of the model: MODEL GLOBIOM /``list of equations that are included/``

The code line to run the model starts with SOLVE, e.g. SOLVE 'Model name'=GLOBIOM USING 'solver'=LP Maximizing 'Objective'= CSPS. The solver to be used is set via an OPTION LP= statement.

Of the SOLVE directives in this file, the first solves GLOBIOM without calibration. By default it is skipped (without_free is set) to proceed to two solves of the GLOBIOM_FORCED model. These are calibration solves for production cost and trade cost functions in the model that make it possible to reproduce year 2000 conditions as a starting point for the final GLOBIOM solve.

You can track the calibration process using parameters declared in the rep_declare_calib.gms file and calculated in the rep_compare_calib.gms file included after each SOLVE.

More checks are computed in rep_baseyear.gms included at the end of this file.