This script:
  • Defines the scenarios.

  • Sets up the initial values for land cover => recursive_luc.gms.

  • Sets up the initial values for trade => recursive_trade.gms.

  • Sets up the initial values for food, wood and bioenergy demand => data_foodprojscen.gms, define_base.gms, define_scenario.gms.

  • Adjusts yields to assumptions on technological progress => data_yld_SSPs.gms, define_scenario.gms.

  • Eventually expands the model described in 4_model.gms with new equations => model_scen.gms.

  • Solves the model for each year and each scenario: LOOP( ...., SOLVE ...).

  • Defines parameters to save after each scenario is run => rep_declare.gms, rep_compare.gms.

This variant of the scenarios script is designed for parallel running of scenarios on a cluster. The script should be invoked with the %nsim% compile-time variable set to an integer value to select, from the SCEN_MAP, the scenario to run for a particular invocation of a parallel run. The %nsim% value is passed via a GAMS command line argument by the Condor_run.R script that can be used to submit a parallel run to a Condor cluster.

For a local non-parallel test run, you can set %nsim% to a comma-separated list of scenario integers (e.g. 0,1,5,12). This script will loop over the selected scenarios.